Date Updated: December 10, 2019

This Privacy Policy is about how Warner Bros. will collect and use any information you give us when you use our Services.  The word “Services” in this Privacy Policy means our websites, mobile apps, games, and other online services. 

If you need help understanding this document, you should ask the adult who looks after you to read it and talk with you about it. Some of our websites and mobile apps are for adults as well as children. If you are an adult, you should take a look at our general audience Warner Bros. Privacy Policy for more information about how we will collect and use your data, including on Services that link to this policy.

For some of our Services, you don’t need to give us information like your name or email address to use the Service. 

For some of our Services, we will ask for some more information from you so you can use the Service. We might need to ask permission from the adult who looks after you before you can give us this information.  This can include things like:

  • your first name
  • your location
  • your email address
  • your username
  • your telephone number
  • your home address
  • numbers that identify your account or device

For some of our Services, such as virtual worlds, you can play games, talk with your friends or get items, such as gems and additional costumes or powers for your character. For these Services you need to choose a nickname or create an account. You will need to create a username and password and fill out other information about you.  For some Services, we collect your email address to help you make an account and then we keep your email address only in a “hashed” format so that it doesn’t identify you.  We use these “hashed” email addresses to help with your account, like to help you if you forget your password.


Information about your adult

Sometimes, we need to collect information about the adult who looks after you. For example, we do this so we can:

  • let them know about your interest in the Services
  • ask them for permission so you can access parts of our Services
  • tell them how to start some of the features for you

When we need to contact the adult who looks after you, we will need to get some information from them, so we may ask for their: 

  • full name
  • address
  • email address
  • telephone number

When you buy things

Before buying something, you should always have permission from the adult who looks after you. When you buy something in a Service, your adult may have to pay for it with real money. Some of our Services allow you to buy things inside the Service, pay to join our clubs, and use online money from our Services.

When you talk with your friends 

Some of our Services will let you talk with your friends in a way that shows your conversation with other people on the Service. Usually, you will choose from phrases we have already written. Otherwise, we will look at the messages so no one uses any bad words or shares your personal information. If we see that you are sharing your personal information with someone else, we will try to delete it before it is shared. We may ask permission from the adult who looks after you before we let you talk to your friends on our Services or if our Services let you post on social media.

Information about your computer, console or smartphone 

When you visit or use one of our Services, we will get some information about your device and your internet browser (for example, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox). We will also get some information about your IP Address and how you use our Services. To learn more, see our section about Cookies.


You can choose to receive notifications on your device or within the Service.  Some of these notifications to your device are sent from outside your device (called push notifications). We may need to ask permission from the adult who looks after you to collect the information that we need to send you these push notifications. You can always turn notifications off in the settings of your device. This might be difficult, so make sure to ask the adult who looks after you to help.

When you contact us

If you contact us by email or using an online form, we will ask you for some information. For example, this may include your first name and email address. We will also ask you to tell us why you are contacting us. Once we have helped you, we will delete your information.


We use your information for different reasons

  • Where we have a legitimate interest

    When using your information is very important to us but still fair to you, we have something called a "legitimate interest". When we have a legitimate interest and we use your information, we need to be sure that it is not going to upset you. We will use your information for our legitimate interest only if the laws of your country allow this.  In some countries, we may need to ask for your consent or the consent of the adult who looks after you before we can use your information in these ways. 

    For example, we have a legitimate interest when we give you access:
    • to our Services
    • to play games
    • to chat with your friends
    • to post or send us comments

    We also have a legitimate interest, so we can:

    • learn how we can make our Services better
    • make sure your experience can be special and personalized for you
    • keep you and others safe
    • answer your questions and comments when you contact us

  • If you and/or the adult who looks after you gives us permission (consent) 

    If you are old enough, you can give us permission to use your information. If you are not old enough, you will sometimes need to ask the adult who looks after you for permission. For example, when you want to receive a newsletter. 

  • If the law says we must use your information 

    If the law says we must use your information, then we will do so. For example:

    • if the government or the police need to investigate something
    • if the law says we need to use your information


Our helpers (service providers)

Sometimes we have helpers who make sure our Services are great. They will help operate the Services or help with buying things on our Services, like points. They will also help with sending prizes to competition winners. We make sure that our helpers keep your information safe.

Our friends (for example, co-sponsors)

Sometimes we ask our friends to help us with our Services. If we do, they will have access to your information. We will let you know when we ask our friends to help us. 

Our family (affiliates)

Sometimes we may share information with members of our family that agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy. You can find a list of some of the Warner Bros. Entertainment Group companies and affiliated WarnerMedia companies here. We may update this list from time-to-time, so please check back periodically to keep up-to-date.

Links to other people's websites (external links)

Our Services will sometimes have links to other people's websites. Those people can treat your information differently from us. You should make sure you understand how they will use your information by looking at their privacy policies.

Sharing information

When we have your adult’s permission for you to use social media platforms or plugins on our Services, those platforms can share their information back to the social media platform. This can mean that your friends will be told about what you do on our Service. You and the adult who looks after you should look at the privacy policies of these social media sites to learn more about how they use information about you.

If the law says we must share your information

Warner Bros., our friends and our helpers will sometimes need to share your information with other people when the law says so. For example, this can happen if the police, a judge, or the government asks us to. We need to share your information if it will help us stop people from doing bad things or committing crimes. We also need to share your information if it will help us protect you or other people.

If we sell or reorganize our business

If we sell or reorganize our business, we will share your information with the buyer or entity taking over operation of the Service.

If you or the adult who looks after you gives us permission

If you or the adult who looks after you gives us permission to share your information for something, then we will share your information in the way we describe at the time. 


What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny files that have information (data) in them. When you visit our Services, a cookie is placed on your device (like your computer, console or smartphone). Some mobile apps have technology that works like cookies. Cookies do not hurt your device. 

What do cookies do? 

Cookies help us to make your experience better. They can remember what you do on the Service (like your high score) and help us understand what you like doing.  The cookies will also help us know which parts of the Services are popular and which ones we need to make better.

Some of our helpers and friends use their own cookies or other technology to help us or for their own activities. For example, these can help us understand how many people visited a Service

Turning cookies off

You can choose to turn cookies off. You can also choose to block all cookies. You can do this using the settings menu. This might be difficult so make sure to ask the adult who looks after you to help you.

If you do choose to turn cookies off, somethings on the website or Service might not work properly or your experience might not be as good.

Some of our Services use a helper called Google Analytics. You have to turn off their cookies in a different way. To learn how to turn off their cookies, click here. You can also get the adult who looks after you to install a plug-in so they can take control of Google Analytics cookies. They can do this by clicking here.


We have offices around the world. Sometimes, we will need to send your information to a different country. Usually, this is to the United States where Warner Bros. and our helpers will use your information in the way we have already described in this Privacy Policy. It is important to remember that some countries do not have laws that protect your information in the same way. If you or the adult who looks after you want more information about how we send your information around the world, you can contact us by using the information at the end of this Privacy Policy. 


We take reasonable steps to protect your information to stop other people getting to it. We also make sure to not keep your information for too long. If we need your information for our own purposes, we will also keep your information for three years after you last contact our customer support team or interact with our websites and apps or after you stop being subscribed or registered with us. Sometimes the law says we have to keep your information for longer than this. We may have to keep your information for longer to protect you and us.  When it’s time for us to stop keeping your information, we will burn or shred hard copies (like print-outs) and delete electronic copies in a way that means no one can read that information. 

We may need to send you a message if someone gets to your information without our permission.  We will usually send this message by email to you or the adult who takes care of you.  Our message will explain what happened, why this matters to you, and what we are doing to fix it.  If we cannot send you this message directly, we may make a public post about it.


You or the adult who looks after you can ask to access your information, ask us to delete it, or stop us from using it sometimes. Sometimes they can even ask us to fix any mistakes or send it to someone else. Where we have asked the adult who looks after you to agree to let us use your information, they can stop us from using it. You or your adult can make these requests through our online portal here.


California has passed a law named the California Consumer Privacy Act, or CCPA, which grants California residents certain rights with respect to their personal information.  The CCPA has specific rules regarding the use of children’s information.  In particular, the CCPA says that, if you are under the age of 13, an adult must provide permission for us to sell your information.  It also allows you or the adult who looks after you to ask for access to your information or to ask us to delete it. If you are interested in the rights that the CCPA grants to California residents, please visit the “California and CCPA Privacy Rights and Disclosures” section of the Warner Bros Privacy Policy here.


If you or the adult who looks after you have any questions about this Privacy Policy you may contact us at: or write to us at the following address:

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Attention: Chief Privacy Officer 
4000 Warner Blvd., Bldg. 160
Burbank, CA 91522 

United States

833- WB-PRVCY (833-927-7829) or 833-PRVCY-TT (833-778-2988)


From time to time, we may update this Privacy Policy. We will let you know about any big changes to how we use your information by putting a sign on our website or by sending the adult who looks after you an email message. We think it is a good idea for you to come back to this page once in a while to learn about how we protect your information.